Useful links

Institute of Psychotherapy and Disability
Supports and campaigns for psychotherapy for children and adults with learning and physical disabilities.   

The Tavistock Centre
A national and international centre of excellence for treatment and training in mental health.

Three Wings Trust
Charity based in Richmond, west London, for children and their families with additional needs.

Open Door
A counselling and psychotherapy centre in Haringey, north London for young people aged 13 - 25 years. They have a service for young people with special needs.

Young Minds   
A leading UK charity committed to improving the emotional well being and mental health of children and young people.

Graham Music, Child Psychotherapist
He works with children, adults and couples, teaches and does training. Interested in neuroscience, attachment and development and blogs about these. 

 Parent infant Clinic for Autism
Based in north London, they specialize in the early detection of pre-autism disorders in infants - as early as 3 months. They offer consultation, assessment, treatment and training.

Works with children and adults with learning difficulties who have experienced abuse or trauma as well as those who have abused others. 

ADHD Richmond Support Group
Support for families where there is ADHD

Dragonfly Centre for Autism
Based in New Brunswick, Canada, this is a centre for children with autism and their families.