Parents and Carers

Help with relating, thinking, understanding and learning

Your child may have been given a diagnosis of  Developmental Delay or of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), or may be on the Autistic Spectrum (ASD). You may feel confused by the diagnosis, and want to talk about it and to clarify what it means. Or you may just feel that your child needs some help, that somehow their development has not progressed recently and they need help to get back "on track".

You may feel stressed and "at the end of your tether", and need some space to think and regain some balance in your life.

Child's drawing of smiling stick manWe will have an initial meeting where you can tell me about yourself and your child  and of your worries and concerns.  We will think together about what you would like and you can ask questions about my work. If you think you would like me to work with your child  I will arrange to observe your child, possibly in their school. If therapeutic work is agreed on, I will meet with your child on a regular basis, on the same day and time each week.

I can also use CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy), Systemic Family Therapy and Mindfulness when it is appropriate for both young people and adults.

With children and young people, I use developmentally appropriate toys and equipment, depending on each individual child or young person. It may be that a child does not play with toys, in which case a ball, children’s songs and rhymes can be used to help develop a relationship with the child.

I work with both verbal and non-verbal children and young people and can use PECS and Makaton if needed. 

Depending on the degree of learning disability, it can sometimes be helpful to see a child more than once a week. 

If you want to discuss your concerns about your child or young person, please contact me through this website.