Schools' questions answered

Q:  I am head of a special school for pupils with complex needs. Do you work with children and young people such as these? 

A: I do. My therapeutic work in special schools has been in schools for pupils with moderate and severe learning difficulties and complex needs. I have also worked in schools for pupils with autism, and profound and multiple learning difficulties. I work with pupils with physical disabilities, including pupils who may have difficulties in speaking due to physical disability. I am able to use PECS and Makaton when needed. 

Dolls house with family of dollsQ. What are some of the issues that you work with in the pupils that are referred to you, besides their learning difficulties?

A.Some of the issues that come up are parental separation, divorce and the break-up of the family, issues to do with being a looked after child, abuse of various kinds, bullying, death of a family member and mental illness in the family. These are big enough issues for any of us, but if you have a learning disability, it can be much harder to deal with any of these. 

Q. Do you work in mainstream schools?

A. Yes, I work in mainstream primary and secondary schools. There are many pupils with learning difficulties in mainstream schools who can use this kind of support and help. 

Q. Do you have an up to date CRB check?

A. Yes, I have an up to date Enhanced Certificate from the DBS which I will bring with me when we first meet.

Q. How long is a session when you see a pupil?

A. I try to fit in with your school day. If, for instance you have 45 minute periods during the school day, then I will see pupils for 45 minutes each.