Melinda brought her many years of experience as a teacher of children with special needs and her training in psychotherapy  to our counselling service and was immediately at home going into special schools as a counsellor for these children and young people and their families. Feedback on her work from schools and parents was excellent. As co-ordinator of the counselling service she recruited new staff to extend and develop the service to make it more accessible to the families that so need this work.

Jan Tellick - Chair of Trustees, Three Wings Trust


Melinda has been at our school for four years, supporting vulnerable students who have complex lives as well as complex learning and communication difficulties. She has developed positive relationships with pupils, staff and parents and delivered training and support to help us understand our holistic responsibility and approach to pupils' emotional wellbeing. We value her input into pupils' Annual Reviews and Multi-Therapy meetings. 

Toni Edmonds-Smith - Deputy Head, Strathmore School


Melinda offered a sensitive and understanding approach to our son's  condition. Her gentle manner helped to tease out, little by little, some deeper thoughts from him. There is no doubt that her experience in this field has enabled our son to open up more about himself and show his inner feelings. He has become able to express himself and the barriers have been broken down.

Alastair Yates


Melinda has worked at Clarendon School for the last four years. In that time she has worked effectively and sensitively with some of our most vulnerable, complex and challenging pupils, all of whom have learning difficulties and additional needs. The service she provides has enabled young people who would not have been able to benefit from more traditional talking therapies to explore their feelings and emotions in a safe and non-judgmental environment. Pupils, staff and parents all greatly value her input and evaluations show very positive outcomes for those taking part. 

John Kipps  Head, Clarendon School. 


 Melinda has showed incredible patience and calm even when my grandson was was shouting and screaming. She always gains my grandson's cooperation even if it can take some time.  I now sometimes have very good and interesting conversations with him. He has developed marvelously, and gained in self-confidence  and in his self awareness. Problems can be so complex and multi-layered and labels don't always help. Melinda has a deep understanding of the issues and I have often talked with her and gained insight.

G. Phillips


Melinda and I have been colleagues for over 25 years. Our professional work has overlapped as we both work with developmentally delayed children. We agree that the best results are linked to a family approach whenever possible. With her wide experience and sensitive abilities, the children and families within her care benefit from her unique blend of therapeutic and developmental work. 

Katrin Stroh

Author of Every Child Can Learn  Sage Publications 2008


I was so stressed with my son, I didn't know where to turn. Melinda has had such a calming influence on him. I began to see that things weren't so terrible after all. His teachers at school notice the improvement in his work and behaviour. 

Anna Grabowska