Counselling for children with special needs

Specializing in counselling and psychotherapy for children and young people with learning difficulties, and their families

Children and young people with learning disabilities can be puzzling and confusing. At times it may seem as if they have no problems with understanding, and their behaviour and learning are appropriate for anyone their age. At other times it can seem as if they have forgotten everything they knew, and you can make no sense of their behaviour. 

They may become upset and cry for no reason that you can see, or perhaps become suddenly angry and aggressive. Or a child or young person may withdraw and avoid interaction with you and others.

Whether a child or young person has a diagnosis of Autism (ASD or ASC), ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Developmental Delay, or no specific condition or diagnosis but still with learning disabilities, we will be trying to help them, and often puzzled as to what to do.

Despite their best efforts, parents, carers, teachers and others working with learning disabled children and young people can be left feeling frustrated, helpless and hopeless. 

Help with relating, thinking, understanding and learning

Many children and young people with learning difficulties know they have problems with thinking, understanding and learning. They often feel very badly about their difficulties. However they may not have the words to express what they think and feel about themselves. They may feel confused, hopeless and despairing, just as their parents/carers or teachers can, but the child or young person may have no way to communicate this.